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WeiYing tools: pegs rushes out high-end new business opportunities


Excellent quality from careful operation. The picture is a hard worker in the workshop to concentrate on work.

Not long ago, Weihai Weiying tool Limited by Share Ltd events. The United States General Company in Chinese two engine manufacturers have adopted the ultra hard material tool they produce. The two engine plant are supporting 1.6 liters of the family car. 1.6 liter sedan is a national industrial policy to encourage the development of the industry.

Aimed at the national industrial policy, vigorously expand the domestic market, is an important means to resolve the financial crisis Weiying tools.

At the national industrial policy "turned" the production of high-end cutting tools

Due to limited to the development of the industry, not Weiying tools known by most people in Weihai. Weiying tools is a company specializing in the production of superhard material tool of enterprise, the ultra hard material cutting tool is used for manufacturing a new kind of tool materials in recent years, its use for manufacturing a menace.

While in Weihai, but unknown to the public in superhard materials, cutting tool industry, Weiying tool is famous. It is the only province a company specializing in the production of superhard material tool enterprises and domestic enterprises in the same level of not more than 3.

Weiying tools in the international market also mentioned its reputation, customer lists many in the industry are nodded. Piston manufacturer in the world largest American mogul the products with the threat of superhard cutting tools, and the world famous auto parts manufacturers in Germany MAHLE group in China's three piston Co., Ltd mainly adopts the prestige brand hardware tool.

Because in the international market booming, product demand, began to give up part of the domestic market, hard tools a few years ago, especially in some low-end products market. "At that time, because the production scale is limited, some orders in the world are busy, so there is no time for domestic orders." The general manager of the company Yu Qiao said Weiying tools.

But after the financial crisis, most enterprises and export-oriented, Weiying tools in overseas markets also have been hit, the export volume plummeted. Faced with this situation, the company adjusted its business strategy in a timely manner, and aim at the national industrial policy, by the state industrial policy guidance for emerging markets, it is Weiying tool "trip" out of a new road.

The production of the international market of high-end products in the domestic market, turned back, still did not give up the high-end Weiying tool route.

"In the domestic market, we used to be mainly used in auto parts processing tool, such as piston, cylinder, bearing, wheel hub, brake disc machining, and now we are aiming for belong to high-end products of automobile engine industry tool." Yu Qiao said.

"We attach great importance to the national industrial policy, now the State encourages economic development 1.6 litres of the following small displacement vehicles, we will focus on the development of this piece of the market." Joe said, "in addition, national 4 trillion stimulating domestic demand, the demand for infrastructure construction larger, and construction engineering machinery to go up. We are aiming a large diesel engine industry of superhard cutting tools market."

"Before the enterprise is small, so don't pay much attention to the national industrial policy, and now with the development of the enterprise, deeply felt on the development of enterprises in the guidance of the state industrial policy and promotion." Yu Qiao said.

With excellent product performance development motivation tool pry door

Not long ago, in a well-known domestic engine production line, the emergence of a domestic mills, its price is much higher than similar tools abroad. This kind of cutter from Weiying tools. These things have never had before. Not only that, before this, the domestic engine industry almost no successful precedent for the domestic use of superhard cutting tools.

And this situation was broken by Weiying tools.

"It is impossible to imagine in the past, and now the ice is slowly melting." Joe said with emotion.

"Engine production industry is the production line, so the requirements of product performance is relatively high, especially on the tool size consistency, the use of stability, the processing life of the requirements of higher. A production line on a few thousand sets of knives, once which put the problem of the entire production line will have to stop production, which is a very large engine plant accident." Yu Qiao introduced in the past, the domestic engine manufacturers are almost used to import the tool, the reason is that the quality of imported knives.

However, some of the engine factory in the use of hard tools after the tool, they changed the view. General Company in China, an engine manufacturer in the trial of hard tool products, one that is successful. The company's engineers are pleased to say: "before we do not know that there is such a good tool manufacturers, the quality of its products can be comparable with imported products."

With the arrival of the global financial crisis, the automotive industry and other industries equally also received the great impact, and domestic in recent years, the automobile market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, especially the small displacement car prices also lowered. Control costs in various details, has become an inevitable choice for the relevant automotive industry. In this kind of background, the engine production tool's front door begins to open to the domestic cutting tool production profession.

And this, to the hard to open up the domestic high-end market to create a good opportunity. So, Wei hard people just by their own tool products "Yingqi", some domestic manufacturers of the engine broke into the door.

In addition to general, some well-known domestic engine manufacturers have also been using the power tool for the production of cutting tools. "The large engine plant is very stable and has a large amount of tool consumption every year.

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