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How to cultivate the talents of numerical control tool design


Our basic requirements of the design staff are: to complete the design of the tool products, process, the use of software to complete the preparation of the process, as well as the tool required for the blade, tooling design and so on. Currently, there is no special tool of professional colleges and universities, the students only through the metal cutting tool with the principle of "teaching materials on the tool with some preliminary understanding, but few people to carry out more in-depth study, master of the tool is relatively less. Therefore, in the tool enterprises of university graduates tend to feel unable to start, do not know where to learn from the what, the development in the future. At the same time, tool production enterprises of equipment manufacturing industry as the "teeth" providers, professional is stronger, so the requirements of design and R & D personnel and certain particularity, it is necessary to grasp the cutting tool design, process, and technical equipment required for the tool, but also to be familiar with tool users of machine tools, machining processing performance, according to user needs for users provide appropriate cutting tool and cutting parameter, often, cultivating a qualified designer must have at least 4 years time.

How to train designers, so that it can become a qualified tool designers, we are very focused on. Has just entered the business graduates, the first 3 to 6 months in the front line of production practice, and develop cycle of learning plan, so that they can in a relatively short period of time the knife with a perceptual knowledge, understand the production process of the cutting tool. After formal mount guard, starting from simple tool design and regularly by experienced engineers teach tool related theoretical knowledge, training of different types of tool design method, gradually master the tool design, proficiency in the use of design software, in others to guide to complete the simple product design and process planning, in about two years time to complete most of the conventional products of non-standard design, and is capable of handling tool manufacturing process production problems, to users in the field to guide the user to use the tool. In the next two years, to be able to independently complete the development of non - standard products, to assume the part of the company's new product development. In 5 years, let a tool only a simple understanding of new changes, as a qualified tool designer.

Of course, training personnel, but also to retain talent. We take technical hierarchy, into ten grades according to the designer's ability (appraisal), contribution, the title of a technical post division, different levels have corresponding grade wage and performance wage, also according to the workload assessment, bonuses, thus, changing the original enterprise according to age and qualifications set pay system, to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the designer's subjective initiative, make the person do their best. Only the best. Much as they provide space for development, some new product development project to contracted forms were handed over to a research team, team members must have different level of the designer, give full play to the their spirit of innovation, to take appropriate incentives, encourage them through graduate school and continued to build, to further improve the ability of research and development of tool. Through the study on corporate culture, and personal experience to changes over the past few years, in the work of enterprise, establish confidence, faith so that they is not only in technology can become an excellent employee, and in thought and enterprise development remain the same, for the enterprise services, equipment manufacturing industry service.

Good corporate culture is worth learning and reference.

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