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China and the United States will expand the field of green low carbon


Ago, China and the United States investment and cooperation forum held in Beijing. The Chinese representative at the forum pointed out that some areas in the United States especially utilities and infrastructure industry has not yet been fully open, in the technology export policy implemented controls, security review of foreign M & a lack of sufficient transparency, some bias for the problems of China's state-owned enterprises, which make China faces obstacles of investment in the United States.

On the day of the forum, representatives of the United States put forward, hoping to strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights in China to promote the reform of state-owned enterprises.

"The two countries are committed to economic restructuring, contains a huge investment opportunities." On behalf of the Chinese side, the two sides should find common interests in structural adjustment.

As China's chief representative of China Center for international economic exchanges chairman Zeng Peiyan pointed out that due to the elements and different level of industry resources endowment, Sino US economic and in a long period of time has complementary, to create a broad space for the two countries to investment. The two countries are committed to economic restructuring, contains a huge investment opportunities. The two sides should find common interests in structural adjustment, play their respective advantages, and tap the potential of economic cooperation.

Delegates are generally believed that the current scale of investment between China and the United States are not. "For American direct investment stock of China lack of $100 billion, or even much lower than some of the smaller economies of the United States investment, states in the Chinese direct investment in the stock of about 700 billion dollars, accounted for only China's absorption of the proportion of total foreign direct investment is not, which is the position of China and the United States in the world economy is not consistent, in terms of the number of investment, between the two countries is also faced with more obvious investment imbalance problem." Zeng Peiyan pointed out that, according to the research of economic theory, the imbalance of investment is likely to lead to the imbalance of trade between the two countries as well as the imbalance between the economy and the economy.

Caused by the two-way investment scale is small, both in China and the US, from the perspective of U. S. investment in China, Zeng pointed out that U.S. investors have some appeal, especially in service industry, market access, intellectual property protection, government procurement and independent innovation policy, these demands some of them are reasonable, China will in the further reform and opening up policy give focus to consider and resolve. In addition, mainly by the global and China's economic growth slowed, coupled with increasingly severe pressure on the environment and energy, raw materials, labor and other production costs rise faster, the business of multinational companies in China will inevitably encounter some difficulties.

On China's investment in the United States, but also encountered a lot of difficulties. Zeng said that on the one hand, the Chinese enterprises in talent, technology, management and marketing with the United States and other developed countries compared to all does not have obvious advantages, the lack of adequate understanding of the political, economic, legal and cultural background, but on the other hand, Chinese enterprises to invest in the United States also faces a lot of obstacles, some parts of the United States, especially public utilities and infrastructure industry is still not fully open. U.S. technology export control policy in a large extent influence the Chinese enterprises to go to the U.S. investment in the field, the foreign investment in the United States Commission on foreign capital M & a security review the lack of sufficient transparency and between departments exist mutual restraint, review process cumbersome, especially to Chinese state-owned enterprises and sovereign wealth fund investment in the United States there was a bias.

Both China and the United States on the one hand, there is a two-way investment challenges at the same time, it also shows that there is a huge space

Zhang Ping, director of the national development and Reform Commission, said China has actively encouraged foreign investment in high-end manufacturing industry, high-tech industry, modern service industry, international environmental protection industry, in these industries and fields, American companies have many enterprises can accomplish a great deal. At the same time, China hopes to better implement the consensus reached between the leaders of the two countries and open infrastructure update the idea of cooperation, hope that the United States in terms of investment access, visa and tax for investment by Chinese enterprises provide convenience and support, give Chinese companies a fair deal in the investment review.

China International Trade Promotion Committee Chairman Wan Jifei said that China would expand to green and low carbon, energy saving and environmental protection high-tech products and technologies, the United States is economic power, innovation is also a big country, in these areas have comparative advantage and competitiveness. China and the United States to carry out the huge potential for cooperation, believe that as long as the United States government timely adjustment of export policy, deregulation of new and high technology, I believe that the United States has comparative advantage products, exports to China can greatly increase. Second, the investment has been is an important part of Sino US economic and trade cooperation, since the reform and opening up to the outside world, the United States has been the most important source of foreign investment in China, but Chinese enterprises in the total amount of investment is still relatively small, how to encourage more Chinese Enterprises to invest in American, both sides should work together to solve the new problems.

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